Workplace Reps

To obtain advice or assistance, in the first instance please send an email to:

in order that your enquiry can be assigned to the most appropriate available rep to deal with your case.

Location\Service Person Based at
College Operations\Clerical\Admin Tim Pithers Northcote House
Exeter IT Chris Forrest Laver Building 59
CEMPS Adam Woodgate
Property Services/Direct Works Kevin Day Streatham Campus
Porters / Cleaners / Mailroom Vacant
Estate Patrol Vacant
St. Lukes / RDE sites Vacant
Residences Vacant
Grounds Staff Colin Brown Streatham Campus
Night Cleaners Vacant

We are always looking for more Workplace Reps to support our members. You will receive training (expenses paid and approved leave from work) to carry out this vital role. As a workplace rep you will also have a voice on the branch committee. If you wish to become involved please contact