Strike Pay

Apologies that I’ve not been able to provide this information sooner. I’ve been attempting to find the easiest possible way for members to claim strike pay. I’ve just had it confirmed that the way to claim strike pay for those who wish to is via the attached claim form.  The Union understandably has to keep accurate records for accounting purposes.


If you need a hard copy of the claim form or have any questions please email or telephone me. Basically, once you receive your payslip with the deduction, photocopy or print it direct from Trent, attach to claim form and send it off to the FREEPOST address at the bottom of the claim form. Once approved the Strike Pay will be BACS transferred direct into your account.
Please make colleagues aware who may not have regular access to emails and print them off a copy.

Details of a second day of action on the 3rd December will follow soon. Hopefully, being 3 weeks away, this will prompt the Employers Association to re-enter negotiations.
I am actively exploring ways in which the Branch can provide additional support to those who want to take part in any future action, but feel financially unable to, even allowing for the existing strike pay arrangements.

If the dispute is not resolved before the day of action on the 3rd December, then we encourage all members to support it. The 3 Trade Unions are working on ensuring that the pickets will be a positive, Xmas themed affair, with Tea, Coffee, music and mince pies etc.

Brett Crane

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