Strike update

Dear members

May I firstly thank all those who supported the day of action on the 31st October.

This item is currently on the Express and Echo website and is well worth a look:-

There were also positive reports on regional BBC and ITV television on the day. Local radio also reported on the strike. Those that participated on the picket lines or came to the rally have said what a positive and rewarding experience it was. The vast majority of comments from students and staff alike, where supportive and positive. We certainly made our presence felt and heard! We have also added new members in the run up to, and since the day of action.

Exeter University management have sent out various emails trying to belittle the strike, its impact and the amount of members who took part. Let your Branch be clear, the figures quoted by  management cannot be substantiated. Between 80 and 100 people took part in the picket lines alone. Add to that, the many members from all 3 unions who just stayed away from work and it’s easy to see the management figures do not add up.

The day of action had far more impact than they will acknowledge. Don’t be fooled, we made a real impact and hopefully the Employers Association will now come back to the negotiating table.
As soon as your Branch hears from our National Negotiators, we will be in touch.

It is possible that this one day of action may not be enough to move the Employer. If this is unfortunately the case, it shows how little regard they have for the hard working staff at Universities. It makes it even more important, that if we have to do it again, that people show solidarity with their Union and that every member if at all possible, joins any further action.

We know that at times like these, it could be easy for members who went on strike to disagree with those that on this occasion came to work. Strike action is always the last resort, and for many of us, it was the first time we had been called to strike.  It was of concern to some that management might treat strikers differently. All the strikers are still here and no detriment or discrimination has been reported to the Branch, so hopefully this allays any fears. Therefore we urge members to respect those that chose not to strike on the 31st. But, we appeal to all of our members to engage in positive discussions amongst themselves and with non members to support any further action if required.

The branch will soon email out to all members, on how to go about claiming strike pay.

Best wishes on behalf of your Unite Branch Committee

Brett Crane
Unite Branch Secretary /Unite Equality & Diversity Officer
Stores Assistant, Biosciences Stores

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