Did you know our Co-op is at risk?

The Co-operative has always been different. It’s always been owned by its members, which means that it’s not just another grey PLC with the usual disinterested shareholders.

Because it is owned by its members, we have always been able to trust it.
That is why we – and this includes many Unite members who work in it – don’t want that change.

However, while all eyes are on May’s elections and the EU referendum, the Co-operative Group is once again calling a vote that would change the Co-op forever – but not for the better.

Starting this week, millions of individual members of the Co-operative Group will have a vote on whether or not to continue their historic partnership with the Co-operative Party.

If you’re a Co-op member – if you shop or bank at the Co-op – a ballot paper could be arriving any day either in the post or by email.
On behalf of your union, Unite, I urge you to vote to Keep it Co-op and vote in favour of motion 12.

We believe that if support for the Co-operative Party comes to an end there will be one less voice in Parliament speaking up for our communities and one less organisation telling big business it can’t have it all its own way.
So whether you are eligible to vote or not, please sign up at the ‘Keep it Co-op’ website to call upon the Co-op Group to maintain its radical, progressive roots, with a democratic voice for its members and staff, and a powerful voice in changing politics.

It’s vital we ensure that voice remains. Last year, thousands of people rallied around, voting resoundingly to keep the link between the Co-operative Group and the Co-operative Party.
Let’s ‘Keep it Co-op’ again.

Yours in solidarity,
Len McCluskey
Unite general secretary