Labour Leadership Contest

Dear Unite member

As a member of an affiliated Trade Union you are entitled to have a vote if you wish in the Labour Leadership contest.
In the past as a Unite member you would have automatically had a vote. However after Ed Miliband was elected they changed the rules. You have to declare that you are registered supporter, but as a Unite member you can do this for free. Go to:- Labour Party Supporters – The Labour Party and click on the “become a labour supporter link. Fill in a few details and you will then have the chance to vote, you will not be charged anything.

Unite after careful consideration has declared its full support for Jeremy Corbyn and urges all members who can to join as a registered supporter and vote for him. Unite firmly believes he offers a genuine alternative and that his policies will benefit all working people and not just a privileged few at the top of our society.

Please join and vote if you are interested in the direction the Labour Party takes?

Best wishes on behalf of Unite University of Exeter Branch

Brett Crane