Branch Consultation on the employers final pay offer

May I just say thank you to all those who were able to make the Emergency Branch meeting. More details will follow about the meeting early next week.

At the aforesaid Branch Meeting pay was discussed and I attach all the relevant documents from the National Officer. In essence the final offer is 1%, with a bit more for the bottom 8 spine points. Please read the attached letter from the National Committee. It was with this message in mind that there was a show of hands at the Branch Meeting.

A large majority of the meeting voted to accept the 1% offer.
1 person voted to reject and there were several abstentions.
Therefore I invite your votes by email over the next week so we can form a fuller picture of what the Branch wants.
I will then forward the Exeter result to the National Officer late next week.

It is only a consultative ballot at this point, when the Union gets all the branch results in, Unite will communicate the result and what the next steps are, if any.

Best wishes

Brett Crane
CLES Workplace Representative / Pensions Officer