The COO Talk

For those of you able to get to any of Geoff Pringle’s talks will know there have been a number of new proposals made.

Voluntary redundancy/early retirement deals
Over the next 12 months, there will be a concerted effort to restructure the University for efficiencies and part of this strategy is to offer those close to retirement an incentive to take voluntary severance or early retirement deals. Details of these packages have yet to be announced. The ongoing professional services review will inform the restructuring process. They haven’t ruled out the possibility of compulsory redundancy.

Financial Headroom
Despite having commitments to large capital projects, the University also wants to start raising what has been described as £25M of ‘financial headroom’ (=spare cash). This will happen over an undeclared timeframe, and to which professional services is to contribute £10M.

Reward strategy
There is currently a review of Reward, Retention and Performance. No real details have been released yet but the worry is how changes will impact on our members. There is a real danger that changes are likely to be a divisive unless there is real transparency in the implementation and operation of any changes.

Annualized hours
This was mentioned very briefly and is about creating flexible working to overcome pinch points and reduce (eliminate) overtime. ACAS has a good explanation here:

Again, the subject was touched on only briefly and is another potentially contentious issue.  What Geoff Pringle did say, however, was that they might even consider bringing some services back in-house if existing outsourcing had failed to deliver savings.