Union Membership

It has to be said here that the fact that we are even talking about 2% is as a direct consequence of our industrial action, in particular, the fact that all campus unions acted together. Unite’s scope for creating an impact is limited but UCU (the academic union) and their continued marking boycott has focussed the employer’s side. Such is the anger over the inequalities in pay that during the dispute UCU at Exeter have recruited many new members. We need to try to match this: the more members we have, the better we’re placed to fight for fairness. If current members recruited just one more each, what a great place we’d be in!

100% recruitment campaign

The Branch has signed up to a membership recruitment campaign and whilst 100% may be unachievable, numbers do matter. I attach a form here from our Regional Officer which I would ask you to complete to better inform our recruitment strategy. Please return it to me (Sean) or Brett to compile the results.

I’ve never felt particularly comfortable about being a union missionary: selling the merits of collective bargaining has always been obvious to me but others may need persuading. If you don’t feel able to recruit personally, then members of the committee or Regional Officers would be happy to meet with your colleagues. Or you could point potential members at the Unite web site: https://www.unitetheunion.org/join-unite/