Strike pay + Hardship payments

For those of you who joined the strike on the 6th February and have just had the deduction in February 2014 pay, please use the Strike Pay Application form

Take your payslip with the deduction, photocopy or print it direct from Trent, attach to claim form and send it off to the FREEPOST address at the bottom of the claim form. Once approved the Strike Pay will be BACS transferred direct into your account.
Please make colleagues aware who may not have regular access to emails and print them off a copy.

Hardship Pay

For those that need to claim the £30 hardship pay (£15 for p/t) in addition to the Official strike pay, please forward an additional copy of your payslip to the Branch Secretary, stating that you wish to claim the hardship pay. I will then arrange for the Treasurer to issue a cheque to you. Do not feel afraid to claim the hardship pay, applicants will not be judged because they have. The branch authorised these payments because we wanted as many people as possible to support the strike.

Please note, Official strike pay is paid straight to your bank account, hardship pay will be paid by cheque and forwarded in internal mail / royal mail.

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